3 Interesting Benefits of Car Paint Protection

When you buy a new car, the goal is to keep your vehicle looking and running exactly the way it did when it drove off the lot for as long as possible. Unfortunately, damage to your car’s exterior is almost inevitable.

With car paint protection, you’ll need to look out for hazards like inclement weather, rock chips, and door dings. 

Newer paints have been designed to resist the elements and the unexpected. However, car paint protection can take your exterior defense to the next level. Here are a few facts about the process and how to protect car paint from damage. 

What Is Car Paint Protection?

Whether your car’s paint is from a liquid or film material, paint protection coatings can be applied to any vehicle, making it a versatile solution. In the past, protective coverings were large, awkward, and unsightly, leaving many parts of your car vulnerable and exposed to bird droppings, tree sap, and other elements.

Today, paint protection film is made from a transparent thermoplastic urethane material that can be applied to any paint exterior. The application process is quick and easy in a professional auto shop, delivering long-lasting results.  

1. It Can Protect Car Paint from Sun

Many people choose to have a professional apply a protective layer to their car. Professional installers know how to avoid chips and nicks in the paint for the best-looking results.

Did you know that vehicle paint protection can also prevent your car’s color from fading due to prolonged exposure to the sun?

This option is handy for people who live in sunny areas or do not have regular access to a covered parking spot. Swift weather changes can also affect the quality of your car’s paint, causing it to look dull or dingy. 

Worker installs paint protection film to car.


2. It Can Stop Damage to Sensitive Areas

While minor nicks and dings in the paint can happen anywhere on your car due to rock damage, your doors are one of the most susceptible areas when it comes to paint damage. Doors are opened and closed dozens of times a day, making them prime targets for unintended paint scuffs and chipping.

You could also consider investing in rubber door covers, which help cushion any bumps against signs, poles, or other vehicles. 


3. Increase Vehicle Value 

An essential element of maintaining a car’s value is its interior and exterior appearance. Like changing the oil and rotating the tires, your car’s paint also requires some routine attention to keep it performing at its best.

Whether you have plans to sell your car in the future or want to keep it in pristine condition, car paint protection film can help ensure your vehicle stays spotless, helping to increase its overall value.  


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