What are the Benefits of Residential Window Tinting?

In many homes, sunlight is welcomed because it adds no-cost lighting and heating to any living space.

However, the sun’s heat and light can also be a danger to those living inside. In particular, infrared and ultraviolet rays can be uncomfortable and unsafe in some cases. Too much light can affect your home’s comfort and safety level.

If you have these problems in your home, you should consider installing residential window tinting. Here are four significant benefits of adding window film to your home.

1. Interior Protection

Interior decoration and furnishing take a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort. Therefore, it’s only natural that you want to protect your investment.

UV rays and solar heat can cause major damage to floors, furnishings, artwork, and more. Over time, you will notice that your valuables start to fade and lose their beauty.

Another benefit of residential window tinting is that your window will block up to 100% of UV rays. This prevents sun damage and color fading of your valuables.

2. Increased Energy Efficiency

Perhaps the best reason to install residential home tinting is for energy savings. Tinted windows will result in saving you money. According to the Department of Energy, heat gain or loss through windows increases residential heating and cooling usage by 25%–30%. This inefficiency translates to higher utility bills with air conditioning and heating usage.

You do have the option of replacing your windows with energy-efficient ones. However, we all know just how expensive that can be. The cost-effective option is to update your existing windows for efficiency. The best way to accomplish this is to have your home windows tinted.

Sliding glass door with residential window tinting.

3. Increased Comfort Without Using Curtains

Any sunlit living space is enjoyable with the right amount of light. However, when the sunlight gets too intense, it can quickly become hot and uncomfortable.

You’ll quickly become annoyed by the sun’s rays between hotspots, glare, and fluctuating temperatures. Window tints screen significant amounts of UV rays, which reduces glare and heat. Plus, the actual light rays that get inside are softened, allowing a more comfortable living space.

4. Improved Privacy and Safety

If you’re a private person, you’ll appreciate the privacy of residential home tinting. With window tinting film, your home interior is obscured from outside viewers. Window tints are perfect for areas that require more privacy, like the bedroom and bathroom.

Tinting also reinforces the windows, making them harder to penetrate or shatter. If the window happens to be broken, the glass will not crack and scatter around. This effectively reduces the likelihood of injuries. During attempted break-ins, wayward objects (golf balls, baseballs), and natural disasters, this comes in handy.

Install Home Window Tints 

There are so many benefits to installing residential home tinting. Once you have decided to install window tinting in your home, the next step is to find a reputable glass and tint company.

Residential window tint is a great way to improve the comfort and privacy of your home without having to close your curtains completely. If you are struggling with comfort and privacy in your home, it’s time to open the curtains. San Diego Auto Glass and Tint is a top provider of residential window tinting. If you want to improve your home, contact us today!