Car Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting

Any Year, Make or Model

Are you in need of automotive window tinting in the San Diego area? San Diego Auto Glass and Tint uses the best automotive window tint available on the market. We employ highly skilled installation technicians, offer excellent customer service backed by over 35 years of experience and dedication in the auto glass industry. See photos of our completed work and our 4.9/5 star rating reviews from our past customers!

While most people think about the aesthetic benefits of automotive window tinting, you should know that San Diego Auto Glass and Tint actually enhances the driving experience and comfort level for you and your passengers as well. Tinting your vehicle can reduce heat build-up, upholstery fading, and overexposure to harmful UV rays. Our high-end films can also increase safety by reducing sun glare and keeping the auto glass from shattering in case of an accident. Call us today for any questions regarding general window tinting costs or contact us for a free quote!

Residential Window Tinting

Upgrade the Comfort Level of Your Home

Residential window tint is designed to prevent unwelcomed elements from entering your home through your windows. Let San Diego Auto Glass and Tint increase the comfort level in your home while still letting natural light pour in. Our high-end window films prevent harmful UV rays from entering your home; prevent fading of the fabric on your furniture and artwork, watch TV, or surf the web in peace in a virtually glare-free environment.

Residential window tinting can also reduce energy use in your home. When you have poor windows they can allow an excessive amount of heat to enter your home. This will cause the A/C to run longer and cycle on more often increasing the amount of energy needed to cool the house. The increased energy use will inevitably result in higher energy bills and an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. San Diego Auto Glass and Tint can also help you save money over time by reducing the heat in your home.

Give us a call or visit our blog "Why Residential Home Tinting Will Increase The Comfort Of Your Home" for any questions!

Commercial Window Tinting

Additional Security, Increased Privacy, and Enhanced Aesthetics

Commercial window tinting will enhance the aesthetics of your building all while increasing security and privacy. The superior window film used by San Diego Auto Glass and Tint will decrease the heat build inside the building by around 80 percent, reducing energy usage and, in turn, saving you money. Furthermore, the increased energy saving will pay for the cost of the tint within a couple of years of application. Check out our blog for additional benefits of commercial office window tinting here!

With over 20 years of experience tinting commercial buildings, San Diego Auto Glass and Tint will get it right the first time.

Marine Window Tinting

A Cooler Cleaner Experience on the Water

Marine window tinting makes your boat or vessel cooler in more ways than one when cruising on the water. Reduce sun glare and add an extra layer of security and safety with San Diego Auto Glass and Tint’s line of premium films.

Backed by more than 35 years of experience, professional installation technicians and on-site service the quality and attention to detail doesn’t get any better. Contact San Diego Auto Glass and Tint today.