Car Paint Protection Film

What is Paint Protection Film?

Tough, Ultra-Clear Protection

Paint Protection film is a protective film that was originally used by the military to protect the leading edges of vehicles and aircraft from flying debris and dirt. Today, this film is used more casually on vehicles you see on the road every day. Though the old paint protection film used by the military back in the day-old black vinyl bras that were unsightly, that is no longer a problem, as new paint protection films are virtually undetectable.


Check out our gallery here for completed photos of our work!

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Where is Paint Protection film installed?

Anywhere your vehicle is exposed to elements that may damage the finish

Why not keep your vehicle looking like new as long as you can by protecting the finish of the most vulnerable places. With over 20 years in the industry, you can trust that San Diego Auto Glass and Tint can give you peace of mind for your paint.

Recommended areas
for coverage:

  • The leading hood edge

  • Full hood

  • Fender panels

  • Side mirrors

  • Bumpers

  • Door edges

  • Rocker panels

  • Door handle cavities

  • Trunk ledges

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